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Juan Saliquet "The Great Steppe"

Juan Saliquet, Spain, based in Madrid, 1969.

Artist with an extensive national and international career, more than 25 solo exhibitions and several international fairs, ranging from his native city - Madrid, Espacio Valverde, Galería H2o, Espronceda – Barcelona to New York City, where he took an active part of the East Side Underground movement of the 90's, 42Street, Subway exhibition - Limelight, to Paris - FIAC, Lebanon Musée Sersock, the Cervantes Institute of Syria and Lebanon,
Esentai Gallery - Almaty, Kazakhstan, A. Kasteyev Museum, St. Petersburg. St. Moritz, Frankfurt, Frankfurt Fair and Munich Galerie Kronsbein.

Juan Saliquet’s research and concerns focus on converting the Painting into a mixture of disciplines, where the relief of the sculpture, the immediacy of the instancy in photography and the structure of architecture takes place. Influenced by the constructivists and the
work of Mies Van der Roe and his theory of the "society of transparency". His passion for the Italian Cuatroccentto, which he describes as the first Virtual Art of history, and following the path of Modigliani's synthesis, led him to focus his work on the Portrait as the
principle and main axis of his production.
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